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H-ART MAGAZINE | Ruyters, Marc | 22 November 2018

Athar Jaber in Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Havana

Athar Jaber (°1982) heeft een solotentoonstelling in het Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de la Habana in Havana Cuba. Dat museum bezit een frote verzameling van Vlaamse en Belgische oude schilderkunst, verzameld door de rijke aristocratie die dit eiland ooit overheerste. Over die collectie werd recent een ijvig boekwerk uitgegeven bij Stockmans Art Books, onder auspicien van Bruno Devos. Athar Jaber liet zich door dat boek inspireren voor een dertigtal sculpturesn in marmer, die hij toont in de vleugel van het museum waar de Vlaamse en Hollandse meersterwerken hangen. Soms confronteer hij er zijn werk daadwerkelijk met de doeken die hem inspireerden. Read more


DIPLOMATIC WORLD | Devos, Bruno | Vol.52, Spring 2017

Global Art Forum: Athar Jaber

For centuries, the human body has acted as a means for artists to understand and describe humanity. Keeping with this practice, Athar Jaber aims to research the expressive potential of the contemporary human body. Symptoms of the current condition are reflected in the physical imperfections, defects, and deformations found in his sculptures. Read more


MAJALLA | Joud Halawani Al-Tamimi| 12 April 2017

Athar Jaber: Reconciling Beauty and Destruction Through Sculpture

Athar Jaber is an Iraqi sculptor based in Belgium. While figurative, his work explores the human condition, giving shape to our innermost fears and anxieties. Violence and destruction are constants in his art. Faces are carved, sandblasted, shot with bullets and at times eroded with acid. Developing a sculpture language of his own, Athar allows the audience to come to terms with concepts of transience, violence and death. Dark yet seductive, his work manifests the possibility of beauty in the context of inevitable decline and decay. Read more


KHALEEJ TIMES | Jalal, Maan | 25 March 2017

Sculpting Identities: Athar Jaber Is Making Sense of Violence through Art

Athar Jaber is a sculptor. Stone carving out of marble is the process he's been mastering. Marble has been the medium of great sculptors of the past including one of the greatest sculptors of all time, Michelangelo. Athar's work is monumental in scale, taking reference not only from the old masters of the Renaissance, which he cites as his influence, but from contemporary sources such as the figurative painter Francis Bacon. Read more


CONTEMPORARY PRACTICES | Mohammed, Hussam Eddin | Vol. XVII, March – October 2016

Sculpting the Bodies of Two Civilizations: Into the Deep Grots of Athar’s Mind and Soul

The effect of following the unfolding wars in his motherland under the gaze of the entire world is reflected in his work. Intentionally or not, the artist was a witness to the massive rift created in Iraq 's society and the staggering amount of pain people suffered there. We can therefore gain an understanding of the deformed faces and bodies in his work as an embodiment of the human calamity playing out in his home country. Read more



CANVAS MAGAZINE | Mohammed, Hussam Eddin | July – August 2016

Carving Out His Own Space

Antwerp-based sculptor Athar Jaber’s Iraqi origins are reflected in his name, the Arabic word for 'March', the first month of spring. The name evokes lyrical associations with the optimistic season of rebirth in contrast with the more sinister undertones that the decaying and mutilated sculptures that he skilfully carves out of Carrara marble reveal. Read more


H-ART MAGAZINE | Ruyters, Marc | 25 June 2015

Geweldige Beeldhouwkunst

De Antwerpse beeldhouwer Athar Jaber is van Iraakse afkomst, werd in 1982 geboren in Rome, bracht zijn jeugd door in Italie, woonde zes jaar in Nederland en nu al vele jaren in Amntwerpen. Jaber is een beeldhouwer pur sang, leered het vak aan de Antwerpse Academie en werkt vooral in marmer. Hij heeft een mooi atelier in de Wolkammerij in Hoboken. Het atelier van Jaber is, met een prachtige lichtinvla, een juweeltje.

Read more


EXPO 100% | Hilde Van Canneyt | July – August 2014

De Menselijke Conditie in Marmer

Wereldburger Athar Jaber (°1982) groeide op in Italië. Voor hij in Antwerpen terechtkwam om er beeldhouwkunst te studeren aan de Academie spendeerde hij zijn vrije tijd bij Michelangelo’s meesterwerken. Tegenwoordig kiest hij ervoor om op een ambachtelijke manier te werken. De Academia Belgica in Rome pakt uit met zijn impressionante werk. Hilde Van Canneyt praat met Jaber over zijn werk en zijn keuzes. Read more


THIS SURROUNDING US ALL | Daemen, Merel | 5 March 2017

Athar Jaber: A conversation with a sculptor about his work and curiosity for violence

Athar Jaber (° 1982), the Iraqi sculptor, was born in Rome in the artistic nest of two painters from the Iraqi diaspora. At age six, he and his mother settled in Florence, where he bloomed as a teenager, driven by the splendour of the city and its classical treasures.  Read more


THE CULTURE TRIP| Schaefer, Tatjana | 13 December 2015

On Tracing Entropic Beauty: Contemporary Sculpture Meets Classical Antique

Johann Joachim Winkelmann once stated that the sublimity of the Classical Antique sustains in the notion of the Noble Simplicity and Quite Grandeur. Constitutive of an era long gone, this conception still prevails in the premises of Palazzo Medici Riccardi. Standing here and marvelling at some of the finest samples in sculptural achievement, one is instinctively captivated by the aesthetic spirit inherent in the relics of Ancient Rome. On second glance however, some of these exquisitely carved muscular contractions emerge into fragments of bodily contortions. Read more



INTERNAZIONALE | Cornet, Catherine | 20 July 2015

Athar Jaber, lo scultore che distrugge le sue opere

Lo scultore Athar Jaber è nato a Roma da genitori iracheni, nel 1982. Le sue sculture raccontano l’incontro tra la tradizione della scultura classica delle città italiane e l’eredità di distruzione delle guerre irachene. Il ritratto di Catherine Cornet. Read more


ART SLANT | Terziyska, Yoanna | 13 July 2015

Athar Jaber's Defaced Sculptures Speak to Violence, Entropy, and Human Nature

“Where Pain Becomes Beauty” is an exhibition at the Palazzo Medici-Riccardi, in Florence, presenting 19 works by the young Iraqi-Italian sculptor Athar Jaber. Several members of the international art community opened the exhibition with a series of talks and discussions on "Poly-cultural Identities," examining topics related to the blurring of national narratives and cultural boundaries. Read more



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